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As the NFL offseason draws nearer, NFL ownership on Wednesday took an important step in the process of helping the San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles.At a meeting in Houston, NFL owners agreed to pass a debt waiver fee for the $650 million relocation fee the Chargers would need to pay if they decide to relocate. Cheap Hockey Jerseys.As the LA Times explained:”League owners approved a waiver of the debt ceiling, allowing the Chargers to borrow a portion of that fee from a bank and pay it off over a longer period, say 30 years, as opposed to the original agreement of $65 million annually over 10 years.The debt ceiling for a team is $250 million.Discount Jerseys.”The NFL career of Robert Griffin III is on life support, and the next two weeks will be a prolonged pulling of the the plug. In what feels a ritual sacrifice, Griffin is being set up to fail in Cleveland’s final two games, when he’ll be faced with the impossible task of erasing the memory of an injury-filled season bookended with mediocre, slow-motion play. China Jerseys.Cleveland will almost certainly part ways with Griffin in the offseason, saying they tried everything they could — remember when they gave him those final two games to save himself? — but with a slew of draft choices will be in the market for their next ex-QB come April.

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Griffin, who will turn 27 in February, will again be a free agent, and rather than asking which team will take a flyer on the oft-injured college star, a new question will emerge: Who is actually going to want to sign Robert Griffin III? There’s no team stupid enough to let him challenge for a starting spot (not even you, Jacksonville), and his ego is far too big to sign as a backup, which presupposes a team would even want him as one.Discount Jerseys.Robert Griffin isn’t a viable NFL quarterback anymore, and he hasn’t been since Mike Shanahan was negligent in leaving the star he never wanted out on the field for Washington’s wild-card playoff game against the Seahawks in 2012.China Jerseys. Part of that is because he lost the first step he used to freeze defenses that were cognizant of his arm but terrified of his legs. Some of it is because the NFL finally figured out the gimmicky pistol offense (it always does) and Griffin, as well as Colin Kaepernick, either wouldn’t adapt or couldn’t adapt. (Russell Wilson did.) And the rest is because Griffin was too stubborn to do anything about it. He didn’t want to be a pocket passer. He refused to adapt to fit a system. NFL Jerseys Cheap.He never learned to safely slide to avoid injury, something seemingly minor that’s actually a microcosm of his entire NFL life. He rushed back from those injuries, pushed by a marketing campaign, an eager franchise and a football-crazy town that didn’t have the foresight too see that being “all in for Week 1” was going to compromise Weeks 2 through 17 and beyond.

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