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Magine an NFL player who has been perfect for almost 12 seasons; a man who has been true every moment of his career – never once sliding in the mud or stumbling to catch his feet or enduring a bad day.China Jerseys.It seems impossible.Even machines occasionally break down and humans err .Dallas Cowboys long snapper LP Ladouceur does not.You may have never heard of Ladouceur though he has played for more than a decade on one of the world’s most famous teams.Cheap NBA Jerseys.Cheap NBA Jerseys Chances are you wouldn’t recognize him without his helmet since the majority of his television appearances are closeups of his backside in the instant before he flicks a football between his legs. Wholesale NFL Jerseys.You have, undoubtedly, seen his work in the form of a decade’s worth of precise snaps whistling true to Dallas punters or flying toward the hands of holders on extra points and field goals. It is highly unlikely you took a moment to marvel at his reliability.

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Long snappers live to be ignored because if they are noticed, it usually means a calamity has occurred. Cheap NFL Jerseys China.A snap has been botched and the ball is flying over the punter’s head or rolling helplessly toward the holder on a field goal, throwing the game’s most anonymous player under the glare of the television lens. Suddenly everybody knows the long snapper and there’s no place to hide.Cheap Hockey Jerseys. For Ladouceur, his perfection is silence.“I think the more you play this game, you start to realize that mentally you have to be sharp,” he says by phone following a recent practice. “The physical part is kind of a given. The guys who last long know that.”Long snappers are often everybody’s joke; the guy at the bottom of the roster who has little to do with the result of the game. China Jerseys.They are derided for their lack of impact, unappreciated by fans who have no idea the mental toll of waiting alone until the time comes to snap the ball. A few years ago, the Madden video game ranked Washington long snapper Ethan Albright as the league’s worst player, as if they knew something about him. He was a snapper and snappers have failed at more demanding positions, the thinking goes.


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