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Wholesale Jerseys.Sunday’s Super Bowl left Atlanta Falcons fans feeling empty for obvious reasons. But there was another element to the gave that ran afoul of football fans who had no interest in the game.The New England Patriots scored on the first possession of overtime, driving for a touchdown after winning the coin toss. The Falcons offense could only watch hopelessly from the sideline as Tom Brady and company marched methodically down the field to the end zone.Under NFL overtime rules, if the team that has the ball first scores a touchdown, the game is over. If that team kicks a field goal or does not score, the game continues.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.So essentially, the biggest sporting event in the world hinged on which team chose correctly before a coin was tossed into the air. Is that necessarily fair?I don’t have a huge problem with the NFL’s overtime rules; they’re certainly better than they used to be, when it was true sudden death. Many times, the team that won the coin toss could get two or three first downs and then start getting ready to kick a field goal.2016 was yet another example of that, as former SEC stars were amongst the best players in the NFL once again. One of the leading NFL websites on the internet, Pro Football Focus, watches and breaks down every snap of each season, setting themselves apart as experts.NFL Jerseys China.


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