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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Aaron Rodgers also had an incredible season, with numbers in range of those Ryan put up: 104.2 QB-rating (lower, but great), 40 touchdowns to seven interceptions, 4,428 yards. But Rodgers dealt with continued injuries to his primary targets. Rodgers, often almost single-handedly, carried his team through eight straight games that were in effect elimination games, starting in Week 12 and continuing right through the NFC Championship loss to the Atlanta Falcons .Now for Rookie of the Year. This one is harder, and I get the argument that Elliott, who colleted 1,631 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns, feels like the obvious choice. But the award should go to teammate Dak Prescott .Justin Forsett arrived to the Broncos late last season when they were running out of players to put in the backfield.Cheap Football Jerseys Sale.He quickly became the starter and showed he still had a little bit left in the tank.One of Forsett’s last carries of the season was a massive 64-yard run Jan. 1 against the Raiders where he broke several tackles.It’s possible that could be the way he goes out. Forsett, 31, is contemplating retirement this offseason after nine seasons in the NFL.“After the Super Bowl, my wife and I are going to take a vacation. My wife is going to have a baby so we’ll take a little time off after that,” Forsett told The Denver Post on radio row Friday. “In a month or so, we’ll come up with a decision.”Cheap Authentic Jerseys Sale.

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